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By SCIAdmin on 10/15/2013 9:32 PM

A Hunt at Ross Hammock Ranch


SCIMC Publications Staff


         Your SCI Miami Chapter (SCIMC) Board of Directors recently voted to approve yet another wounded warrior hunt as part of our continuing effort to give back to those who have paid a very high price for our freedoms. This hunt was organized by Danny de la Fé, your SCIMC Co-Membership Chair.  Danny is a dedicated boar hunter who dreams of archery hunts and is often in the field after bacon.  The hunt was the brainchild of Ralph Torres, your former SCIMC President and current President Jesus Hill.  What follows is a brief debrief on what turned out to be an excellent experience for both the wounded warriors and the fortunate Chapter members who participated. 

         The hunt was initially scheduled to take place at Hog Heaven Ranch (HHR), a location that has been the site of several past Chapter hunts and family events.  Unfortunately, due to uncharacteristically high water levels, HHR was unable to host the hunt despite the best of intentions.  This left your board with tough decisions on whether or not to proceed with the hunt.  Having voted to approve the gear expenditures customary for such events, and having reserved the date with the wounded warriors, the Chapter board and assorted board members set forth to locate an alternate site for the hunt.  Many past donors responded with regrets due to prior commitments, but not Mr. Harold Ross, owner of Ross Hammock Ranch.  When he heard of our problem, he jumped at the chance to be part of the solution!

By SCIAdmin on 6/12/2013 4:16 PM

Just recently, we had our SCI family day. It was a big hit with plenty of food, people, and prizes. 

Everyone had fun from the youngest kids to the adults. The kids had their own bounce/obstacle course. And the adults had great conversations and over $1000 dollars worth of prizes, not to mention the 10 hog hunts we gave away. 

We all left filled and satisfied from the chicken, ribs, and cookies. The food was delicious everyone jumping to the line as soon as the food hit the warmers. 

By MasterAdmin on Thursday, June 28, 2012
After 38 years of strict conservation, Black bear numbers have risen tenfold.
By MasterAdmin on Monday, February 13, 2012
A blog post from Rafael R. Torres, Chapter President.
By MasterAdmin on Monday, January 23, 2012
Hello World! It's our new website and we're excited to bring it to you just in time for the 2012 Expo!